Taking a break…

Hi everybody,

I’m taking a break from pottery to focus on my design work. I will return to pottery at some point, but do feel free to leave me comments and questions!


The Puppet Master

Originally I designed this object to be a clock. But a clock would overwhelm the simplicity of the piece. I got this character idea from the illustrator, Sean Ten, and the book “The Red Tree.” His illustrations are amazing and moving to me.

This character is similar to one in his book. I had this thought that what if we are controlled by a puppeteer, which itself is just a puppet of something else?

After firing, the puppeteer will hold a small puppet attached to a string.

Summer Update

I am trying to bring sea life into functional pottery. I am making a variety of bowls and pots that embrace the likeness of urchins, coral, and octopi.

I am intrigued by wheel throwing and the simplicity of the pot form. How can I bring this simplicity to my sea life series? I am looking for harmony between handbuilding and wheel throwing. I want my octopus dancing on a tea cup, a sea urchin on my pot’s lid.

Meet me at the Seward Park Spring Show

I will be participating in the Seward Park Art Studio show from June 2-4 (seehttp://www.sewardparkart.org/). I’ll be attending opening night, so please stop by and introduce yourself! This is my space:

Seward Park Spring Show 2006

Into the Sea

These days I’m focused on the out-of-this-world undersea life, which I’ve never seen in person and never will. I’m afraid of the water, but I love the life within it and long to touch it. So I’ve created these works that I can touch in my own way. You can see them in my gallery.

The undersea creatures are very bright, colorful, and cheerful in my imagination. I have been making precious, little creatures like sea urchins, shells, baby octopi, and coral. Now I’m turning to making larger scale creatures, exploring the texture and shapes. I want to bring them to our garden to have our undersea creatures intermingling with above ground life. You can rest on some coral under a tree while reading a book.

Latest Works Update – February 2006

I’m currently working on a piece that I call “Brain Coral.” This work was made by coiling and is about 40 cm wide 30 cm tall. I tried to capture the detail of real brain coral in the texture. I used a pencil to create the texture — this required so much patience! This shows my obsessive personality!

It’s waiting for the first firing. I will post pictures in the gallery once it’s done. Until then, enjoy this picture I took with my cell phone.

Seward Park Holiday Show! – December 2005

Some of my favorite works will be for sale from December 2-24 at the 2005 Seward Park Holiday show! I will attend the show if you would like to meet and discuss my pottery.


Seward Park Clay Studio Holiday
Ceramics Showcase and Preview Party

  • Preview Party December 2, 2005, 6:30-9:30 pm $10 donation suggested
  • Showcase Sale: December 3-24, 2005
  • When:  Mondays-Fridays  12pm-7pm; Saturdays and Sundays 10am-6pm

Latest Works – November 2005

The latest underwater life pottery are out of the kiln.